For the wellbeing of people, nature and progress in society

Miguel Torres

Created in 1986 by Miguel Torres and currently directed by Waltraud Maczassek, the Foundation has collaborated since its establishment with organisations on more than 400 cooperation projects throughout the world.

Waltraud Maczassek

Mrs. Waltraud Maczassek


Created in 1986

The Miguel Torres Foundation has been prioritising its aid for projects aimed at protecting children through the construction of schools and foster homes for orphans at risk of social exclusion in different countries around the world.

lore ipsum

Supporting the elderly, those in need, culture, environmental conservation and, particularly, children is our way of thanking this world which has given us so much, which has given us everything.

The Torres Family

Catalonia, Spain The environment

1993 / Europe

Organisations with the aim of protecting the environment and endangered species. The Miguel Torres Foundation has been actively participating since 1993 in the prevention of forest fires in El Penedès and sponsors a campaign to preserve the Bonelli's eagle in Catalonia.

San Pablo, Philippines Children's aid

2003 / Asia

The Santa Ana Elementary School was inaugurated in the city of San Pablo in February 2003. The Torres family contributed financially to the construction of five classrooms at this school for orphaned children. Torres distributors on the islands managed the assistance with the country's Ministry of Education

India Children's aid

2006 / Asia

In 2006 and 2008, the Miguel Torres Foundation collaborated with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in the construction of a school and a vocational training center for 100 women from the region of Kadiri order to facilitate "dalits" (untouchables ) communities access to quality education for children of 6-16 years old.

Mexico Children's aid

Social Reintegration
2008 / America

In 2008 the Torres Family began work on behalf of Mexican children with "OI" partnering construction in Mexico City of a Centre managed by "Angelitos de Cristal", institution specializing in the care of people with "brittle bone" disease. This project was managed by the distribution company La Negrita.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Education

2011 / America

The “Casa Arte de Educar”, situated in another favela near Rio de Janeiro, is a civic centre which provides childhood education through dance, music and painting. The objective is to spread awareness among young people for human rights-related issues.

Cameroon Children's aid

2014 / Africa

In 2014 the collaboration proposal was received for a project that the CAM CODES Foundation is developing in Cameroon. Within this larger project, it is expanding school classrooms that address school children separated by ages and different levels. During the summer of 2014, the project has been developed, the costs have been assessed, and in collaboration with the University of Architecture of Barcelona, which sent 3 volunteer architects for this project,plans have been drawn up for the future school. Construction of the new school will be developed in 2015, in collaboration with people from the same village and volunteers from several European countries.

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso Children's aid

2002 / Africa

The Dominican Sisters of the Presentation presented the Torres family with a project in 2002 to build a school in the capital city of Burkina Faso. It became a reality in the autumn of 2003. They founded the Torres Pre-School for children aged 3 to 5 and currently have more than 120 pupils. The Torres Foundation assisted with the construction of a two-storey building in the outskirts of Ouagadougou.

Barcelona, Spain Children's aid

2004 / Europe

The Miguel Torres Foundation received a proposal in 1994 to build a foster home in San Feliu de Codines. The project materialised with a donation to the Aldeas Infantiles - SOS organisation for the construction of homes for 50 children from destructured families, victims of abuse and orphans.

California, the United States Children's aid

2007 / America

Aware of the importance of early childhood education, the Torres family collaborated with the Harmony Union School District in California in 2007 by paying for the construction of the Salmon Creek School for children and helps finance English classes and other educational activities for Latin American families who have immigrated to the United States.

Sao Paulo, Brazil Children's aid

2011 / America

“Casa Vovó Ilza”, in Sao Paulo, is a home for 22 girls (between the ages of 12 and 21) and their children. They are either pregnant or the victims of violence, abuse, sexual exploitation or mistreatment by their own families.

Belgium Children's aid

Social Reintegration
2012 / Europe

The Foundation made a financial donation in 2012 to a project aimed at building a home within the school for children with physical and mental disabilities which is operated by the Village No. 1 Foundation. It's a project to assist and re-insert these kids into society. The building is currently under construction.

Mexico Children's aid

2003 / America

An economic donation was made to the Casa Hogar Esperanza in Mexico DF, an institution that takes in children from the street and that is staffed by the Congregations of the Mother of Desamparados and San Jose de la Montaña.

Curicó, Chile Children's aid

Social Reintegration
2004 / America

The “Los Pastorcitos” kindergarten, built in 2004 by the Miguel Torres Foundation in Curicó, is now fully operating. Several groups of children have already graduated. Their mothers, who are in precarious situations, are mostly single, unemployed and receive no type of financial assistance. This project has allowed them the opportunity to search for work and seek a better future for their children.

Sichuan, China Ayuda a la infancia

2008 / Asia

A terrible earthquake, which measured 8.0 on the Richter scale, hit the province of Sichuan in China in the afternoon of 12 May 2008. Besides the nearly 60,000 people who are estimated to have died, this terrible natural phenomenon heavily affected schools, buildings and infrastructures throughout the area. After much work with the Chinese government, Torres began financing a school ("Torres Hope Primary School") in 2010 in Sichuan, with a capacity for 400 primary school pupils.

Sao Paulo, Brazil Social reinsertion

2011 / America

The “Casa Terra dos Homens” project serves some 4,000 families in one of favelas surrounding Rio de Janeiro. It provides foster care for children without families and operates as a community services and academic support centre.

Mexico Children's aid

2013 / America

We are working to implement a host house project for girls in the city of Guadalajara. In the first phase, the "Casa Hogar Alegria" will host about 50 girls and once the project is completed it will hold about 150 girls deprived of parental care and family protection. This project is in collaboration with our friends and distributors Bodegas La Negrita.